Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation creates instant forests. We do this by growing the tallest tree seedlings in the shortest time possible. Our patented technology grows hardwood and softwood tree seedlings to an average height of 12 feet in just 7 years from seed. In a world where quality wood is rapidly disappearing due to climate change, insect infestations and unsustainable logging practices, Tree Plantation is poised to effect a positive change in the world's forests growing fast growing trees on a global scale.

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Fast Growing Trees

Fast growing trees give plantation owners a significant head start on their timber investment by cutting time to harvest in half, an important consideration for timber investors looking for a return on their investment as quickly as possible. Tree Plantation tree seedlings are grown significantly faster than seedlings grown by forest nurseries. A proprietary plant propagation technology doubles annual growth year to year. Fast growing trees can be propagated from seed or 1 - 2 year old transplants.

Fast growing trees from seed are propagated in seasonal baskets for 2 years, then transplanted in field where they are manipulated to increase height. Seedlings continue to grow at an accelerated rate until year 5 when they are harvested, shipped and transplanted. Tree Plantation tree seedlings grow to an average height of 12 feet before transplant depending on tree species.

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Timber Investment

Depending on market conditions, trees can earn thousands of dollars per acre. Timber Investment has consistently out performed inflation and historically has provided a perfect long-term stable investment alternative to the stock market It’s not uncommon for a tree farm investment to double or triple in just a few short years.

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Tree Plantations

There are three ways to participate in tree plantations; you can invest directly in one of our tree plantation projects, hire us as a consultant to start your own tree plantation or contract us to build you a tree plantation anywhere in the world.

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